Supporters & Linked Projects

SNETP Labelled Project

On European energy policies supporting the energy decarbonisation

On SMR safety, development & licensing

On nuclear cogeneration for electricity/heat and hydrogen production

On technical assessments and optimisations of hybrid energy systems

On techno-economic assessments of energy systems

Other related projects
  • The US Integrated Energy System programme, supported by the Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy (DOE-NE), has established a 2020 roadmap (INL, 2020) for the development of hybrid energy systems integrating nuclear reactors. This programme is the pioneer in the analysis of integrated energy systems and the study methodology developed in this framework represents the international State-of-the-Art for the TANDEM project.
  • There are three on-going H2020 Euratom projects, ELSMOR (2019-2023), Mc SAFER (2020-2023) and PASTELS (2020-2024), that address SMR safety, and the outcomes of TANDEM project related to safety of SMRs integrated into hybrid systems will be complementary to the work performed in these projects. Other Euratom projects related to nuclear polygeneration, nuclear hydrogen production and Generation-IV Advanced Modular Reactors (respectively GEMINI 4.0, NPHyCO, ESFR-SIMPLE) have just been launched and TANDEM will collaborate with them.

Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC)

The Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) has been established to support with the interactions among networks and related projects.

Industrial User Group

The Industrial User Group has been established to engage in a constructive dialogue about:

  • The technological feasibility of the hybrid systems incorporating SMRs,
  • The different energy markets and their particularities,
  • Regulatory, societal and economic issues related to implementation of such systems.