The Project

TANDEM aims to develop methodologies and tools to facilitate the safe and efficient integration of SMRs into smart low-carbon hybrid energy systems. TANDEM will address safety issues and assess the feasibility of SMR integration into hybrid energy systems.

The project will focus on light-water SMR technologies which can potentially be deployed in Europe by the 2030s. At the same time, within the Generation-IV Framework, the project also aims to give perspectives for the integration of Advanced Modular Reactors (AMRs) into hybrid energy systems by 2050.

TANDEM is an ambitious project and fundamental for the future of Europe’s energy transition. It will focus on four main factors that address the practicalities of successfully integrating SMR technology into hybrid energy systems:

  • Safety of SMR integration into hybrid energy systems by extending the current safety approach implemented for operating nuclear power plants.
  • Operationality (in particular flexibility) of energy production within hybrid energy systems. Taking into consideration grid stability and resilience, intermittent reliability of renewable energies, and power demand variability.
  • Economic viability of SMRs in such hybrid energy systems, considering the broader energy market, such as electricity, hydrogen, and heat markets.
  • European citizen engagement towards SMR technologies for power and non-power applications, and related safety aspects.

Objective One

Assess the safety compliance of Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) to be integrated within the future European decarbonised energy mix.

Objective Two

Provide guidance for the deployment of Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) and Advanced Modular Reactors (AMRs) and their integration into well-balanced hybrid energy systems.

Objective Three

Create an enabling environment to pioneer the development of hybrid energy systems based on Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) and Advanced Modular Reactors (AMRs) for a decarbonised European energy mix.