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Webinar Series: Koroush Shirvan on Economy of Scale vs Multiples: Bottom-up Cost Estimation of Nuclear Reactors on Friday 26 April 2024 at 15:00 CEST.

Pr. Koroush Shirvan is a professor of nuclear science and engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the current Co-Director of Reactor Technology Course for Utility Executives by National Academy for Nuclear Training, Director of Accident Tolerant Fuel Integrated Research Project (IRP) and PI of MIT ARC-20 project as part of the Advanced Demonstration Reactor Program. His research focuses on innovations in reactor design and fuel engineering.

In 2021, Prof. Shirvan released the first open-source tool for cost estimation of existing and advanced nuclear architectures. The tool and its insights are currently utilized by policy makers and energy community worldwide. He is an active consultant to the nuclear industry on matters of digital engineering, cost, safety, use of AI/ML, and fuel technology.

Pr. Shirvan received his PhD from MIT in 2012. He has been the lead supervisor of over 50 graduate thesis and current is supervising 17 graduate students. His work on fuels has led into multiple awards including the Reactor Technology Award from American Nuclear Society in 2022.

Find more information and registration, here.

This webinar series is held in the framework of the TANDEM project in cooperation with the ENEN++ project and is organised by  the University of Pisa, CIRTEN.

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