TANDEM holds Industrial User Group meeting

On 5 April 2024, TANDEM convened a meeting in Brussels’ at the Tractebel headquarters (Belgium) with the 13 members of its Industrial Users Group (IUG) to provide them with an update on the project and to obtain their feedback.

During the meeting, the coordinators of two parent Euratom Projects related to nuclear and the clean energy transition, namely GEMINI 4.0 and NPHyCo Project, were invited to provide an overview of these projects and to highlight synergies between these projects and TANDEM.

Furthermore, one of the IUG members, Genvia (a public/private joint venture between CEA, Schlumberger, Occitanie, Vinci, and Vicat), was given the opportunity to present the work it is undertaking in the field of hydrogen production with high temperature steam electrolysis in order to help heavy industry achieve long-term EU decarbonisation goals.

From TANDEM’s side, in addition to providing a general overview of the project and latest developments, the two Hybrid Energy Systems defined within the framework of a demonstration study were presented, namely the Energy Hub and District Heating configurations. The objective was to share current results regarding the techno-economic analyses which are being conducted under Work Package 3. In addition to the sub-system models developed for the Hybrid Energy Systems simulation and analysis, an overview was provided regarding the safety aspects related to nuclear systems in cogeneration mode.

During the wrap-up session, IUG members shared their thoughts and suggestions regarding the achievements and orientation of the TANDEM project providing valuable feedback to the project team.