TANDEM participates in joint meeting dedicated to hydrogen from nuclear

A joint meeting between GIF/NEANH Task Force, VHTR HP PMB, IEA/H2 TCP – Task 44, IAEA and OECD/NEA on hydrogen production from nuclear was held on January 23-25, 2024, at Idaho Falls, USA.

The aim was to link these different initiatives about hydrogen production and discuss possible synergies. During the meeting, Claire Vaglio-Gaudard presented the objectives and first results of the TANDEM project. Visits to the facilities of the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) were also organised: participants had the chance to visit nuclear facilities (in particular the ATR and TREAT reactors), and non-nuclear facilities linked to the study of the various components of an integrated low-carbon energy system and their coupling: Energy Innovations Lab (dedicated to human factors, temporal analysis of products and hydrogen production process) and Energy Systems Laboratory with the DETAIL facility. The research and objective of DETAIL is to demonstrate the simultaneous, coordinated, controlled and efficient multidirectional distribution of electricity and heat for power generation, storage and industrial end-uses, in particular to produce hydrogen by high-temperature steam electrolysis.

Thanks to Gilles Rodriguez (CEA) for giving TANDEM the opportunity to be presented during this meeting.

Many thanks to Shannon Bragg-Sitton (INL) for the perfect organisation of the meeting, the fantastic tours and all the fruitful discussions that took place!

  • GIF/NEANH: GenerationIV Forum/Non-Electric Applications of Nuclear Heat
  • VHTR HP PMB: Very High Temperature Reactor Hydrogen Production Project Management Board
  • IEA/H2 TCP: International Energy Agency/Hydrogen Technology Collaboration Program