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Webinar series: Dominique Bestion on ‘What must be known when using system codes for reactor design & safety analysis’ on Friday 19 April 2024 at 15:00 CEST.

Dr Dominique Bestion has been working at Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique for 37 years (1983-2020), in a thermal-hydraulic department at CEA-Grenoble, in France. He has been working in modelling two-phase flow for the CATHARE system code for accidental transient simulations and has been project manager of the CATHARE code development. He analysed many experiments and developed several models. He became Research Director and International Expert in reactor thermalhydraulics. He contributed to many European projects and had a coordination role for the EUROFASTNET, NURESIM, NURISP, and NURESAFE projects for a European multiscale thermalhydraulic simulation platform. He had teaching activities in several Universities and international courses and published chapters of books. He contributed to OECD-NEA-CSNI-WGAMA activities, coordinated Task Groups on application of CFD to Nuclear reactor safety and co-founded the biennial CFD4NRS workshops. He contributed to OECD-CSNI State of the Art documents on Scaling, and on 3D system code modelling. He has been Editor at the Nuclear Engineering and Design Journal (2008 to 2021). He has been nominated ’’NURETH Fellow’’ in 2017. He is now consultant, scientific advisor and he chairs the FONESYS international network of system code developers to further improving the quality of reactor thermalhydraulic simulation. His domain of expertise includes two-phase thermalhydraulics, model development, code development and validation, application methodologies of codes for reactor transient analyses and nuclear safety.

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This webinar series is held in the framework of the TANDEM project in cooperation with the ENEN++ project and is organised by  the University of Pisa, CIRTEN.

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