Kick-Off Meeting for TANDEM, 12-13 September 2022

The kick-off meeting to launch the TANDEM project was held on 12th-13th September in Chateau de Cadarache, France. The meeting initiated the beginning of the project that will access the safety compliance of integrating Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) into hybrid energy systems for Europe’s future decarbonised energy mix.

The kick-off meeting begun by presenting the project and its ambition over its three-year duration (ending in August 2025), this was then followed by presentations from each lead organisation for the individual work packages, outlining their scope and objectives.

Day two saw the continuation of work package presentations which were followed up by dedicated workshops to each work package. The two-day meeting was brought to a close by presenting a dedicated workshop to the Scientific Advisory Committee and a wrap-up.

The kick-off meeting saw all project partners come together to discuss its launch and actions over the three-years. Partners were able to connect during the exciting event that has kicked-off of the project and we look forward to sharing more news as the TANDEM project gets underway.